Andrew McPherson

Researcher, composer, engineer and instrument designer

Augmented Instruments Lab

My research group at Imperial College London and Queen Mary University of London

Main website: Augmented Instruments Laboratory

The Augmented Instruments Laboratory is a research team led by Andrew McPherson whose members are based at the Dyson School of Design Engineering at Imperial College London and the Centre for Digital Music at Queen Mary University of London. Founded in 2011, the lab specialises in designing new digital musical instruments, studying the interaction between performers and instruments, and developing hardware and software tools for creating instruments and interactive audio systems.

The group has received funding from EPSRC, AHRC, Innovate UK, the Royal Academy of Engineering the OHMI Trust, CW+, Kickstarter and other sources.

The lab has published over 100 papers and regularly organises concerts and demos, excerpts of which can be found on our YouTube channel. The lab also regularly hosts academic visitors and maintains standing collaborations with several companies and charities. The lab’s research has led to two spinout companies, Bela and TouchKeys.

For enquiries about PhD or postdoctoral vacancies please contact me.