Andrew McPherson

Researcher, composer, engineer and instrument designer


Scores and recordings

I completed a PhD in music composition at the University of Pennsylvania in 2009. I have composed 30+ pieces ranging from solo to large ensemble works, a subset of which are listed here. Links to recordings are available for some pieces. Please contact me for scores.

I have also released an album of my music, Secrets of Antikythera, on Innova Music in 2013.

Works for Large Ensemble

Title / Year Instrumentation Length
Three Stories from the Topiary Garden (2010) chamber orchestra 6’
Interstate Holiday (2008) orchestra 5’
Play of Shadows (2008) wind ensemble 10’
First Light (2006) orchestra 10’
Scherzo (2004) orchestra 4’

Chamber Music

Title / Year Instrumentation Length
Western Travelogues (2010) oboe, bassoon, string trio 13’
d’Amore (2009) viola, magnetic resonator piano 11’
Secrets of Antiykthera (2009) magnetic resonator piano (optionally piano) 40’
Anagram (2009) solo percussion 10’
Idle Time (2008) brass quintet 5’
Kinematics (2008) solo violin 8’
This is a test of the emergency broadcast system (2007) two clarinets, two bassoons 3’
Diary of a Fidgeter (2007) two percussionists 7’
Two Frames of Mind (2006) string quartet, bass 12’
Chamber Concerto (2006) viola, flute, clarinet, horn, bassoon, bass 17’
Soliloquy (2006) cello and piano 6’
Pillars (2005) string quartet 12’
Reflections (2004) saxophone quartet 8’

Music with Voice

Title / Year Instrumentation Length
Lights and Snow (2007) soprano, clarinet, piano 18’
A Lullaby (2007) baritone, clarinet, violin, cello, piano 5’